John Paul Ouvrier

“If I only knew this when I was young…”

Those words were told to geriatric fitness educator John Paul Ouvrier repeatedly when he began to teach both classes and individuals in 1996.  After coming up with a program to work with his own severe scoliosis, and having parlayed that being a professional ballroom dancer, John Paul wanted to help others.

A chance meeting to take over some senior fitness classes, a decision to discover the principles that anyone of any age could use and another chance meeting while reading his books to children, he thought, “If I only knew this when I was young…”  The Wizard of Youth was born in that moment.

For the next 15 years John Paul Ouvrier refined the most essential protocols needed to achieve lifelong health and fitness.  His training has alleviated the pain and injuries senior adults incurred when young.  Now with the Wizard of Youth 4 Kids he is dedicated to teaching kids to be healthy from the youngest of ages and for the rest of their lives.

Mr. Ouvrier presently has two children’s books, one board game, a TV show and the touring Wizard of Youth 4 Kids LIVE Show, along with hundreds of shows for children that educate and entertain.  The Wizard of Youth is now the most informative and fun fitness and health program on Earth.

What causes most exercise to fail?  The Wizard knows.  Why don’t people stick with it?  The Wizard knows.  What are you going to secretly look through when you get this?  The Wizard knows…

Now for the first time ever is a program that teaches the founding principles of health and fitness that will keep kids healthy and safe their entire lives.  Easy.  Fun.  Accessible.  Kids sit and learn.  No competition.  No feeling bad.  No liability.  We educate,  You exercise them.

The Wizard of Youth is part of your team, today for tomorrow.


Brad Johnston (with Sue Johnston)

Executive Producer, Center Stream Productions

Brad the Man Johnston, Entrepreneur and Auto-Motive genius to mere mortals, Brad has lent his tireless efforts to bring health and fitness to children everywhere by coming on board as an Executive Producer on the TV Pilot, and Road Managing the Wizard and Worlds Most Popular Dog Rock Rock.

It takes a village and Brad and John Paul have known each other since High School.  From being the Best Man at each others weddings to exercising together for years, Brad was not surprised when JP wanted to take his exercise knowledge into the Wizard project .  He just said, “It’s about time…”  Well that time is now!

Running one of Los Angeles’ most popular auto shops, BJ’s automotive in Simi Valley with his lovely wife Sue, Brad understands the necessity for accurate instructions that benefit those in need of fitness.  “I have known John for most of my life, and he knows what he’s doing.  In fact, I had him teach my daughters exercise a few years ago to set them up with good habits to grow up with.  The Wizard of Youth is a triumph of years worth of experience, advice given to him by medical professionals, and plain old hard work to make older adults laugh- especially with his end of life cases.  He is committed to what he does.  And any man who commits his life to making others feel hopeful in the midst of hopelessness- is worth the time to work with.  I see lots of little Rock Rocks in our future…”

Thanks Brad

Grant LaBelle

Puppeteer, Graphic Designer, G2 Graphic Service

International puppeteer of mystery and art designing guru to mere mortal, Grant is an extraordinary talent whose abilities have helped shape the visual aspects of The Wizard of Youth project while he is working with G2 Graphic Services, one of our touring sponsors.  His 25+ years as a commercial graphic artist having designed posters for hundreds of Hollywood blockbusters has proved invaluable.  And lending his talents to puppeting the world’s happiest dog has been (as he says), “a wonderful ride!”

Ralph Amaranto

Film Editor, Ouvrier Productions

After earning his Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television Productions, Ralph showed up in Los Angeles with reel and a positive work ethic in tow.  He is an amazing Editor and Director in his own right.  We are honored to have him on Board.  His dedication and long hours is something the team could not do without.  Thank you, Ralph!

Suzy Hekamiah

Quite famous in her home country of Brazil, this children’s book author, game designer, and visual artistic innovator has come on board the Wizard of Youth as one of our artistic directors for the Wizard pilot.  In addition she works in promotion of the show and as a technical master when we go on tour.  From being a wiz with a paint brush, to helping the children and parents pick the right clothing to getting up behind the camera, this celebrity understands the word team, and plays well with the other children!!!  Thank you Suzy for all you do!