The Wizard of Youth 4 Kids LIVE! is an educational show for children that is fun, entertaining and life changing.  The Wizard of Youth was created by fitness educator and trainer, John Paul Ouvrier, to help others avoid chronic illness, pain and premature aging.

Based on his long career in health and fitness training, the Wizard of Youth offers the most important knowledge that people need — foundational lessons about fitness, health, nutrition and self care — for preventative health care and disease prevention.  He developed founding principles of health and fitness that when learned can help people avoid chronic pain, chronic illnesses and body injuries into adulthood.   For example, what benefit is a series of strength training exercises if there is an undiagnosed spine and nerve problem causing the person to exercise incorrectly?  What benefit is a back strengthening exercise if the patient returns home and does the exercise incorrectly which causes more pain?

Initially a book for senior adults, Mr. Ouvrier created a new edition of the book for children in 2008, “The Wizard of Youth for Kids” that included a board game.  In 2016 the program expanded into a TV show pilot, coloring and activity books, comic books and LIVE presentations for schools, youth groups and community events.

Teachers and booking agents!  We have performed this program successfully in schools since 2012, and recently a filmed a major television pilot. This program books quickly and space and time are limited. We want your children to receive the benefits from this program, and we are eager to speak with you to discuss your goals. Our video will cover most of your questions.

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