Do You Want to Make a Lasting Difference in Children’s Lives?  Become a Kids Health Ambassador!

Dear Future Kids Health Ambassador,

The Wizard of Youth, by John Paul Ouvrier, is the first complete health program that gets kids started on a healthy foundation and teaches kids to become healthy adults for the rest of their lives.

The Wizard needs your help to share it with the community.  Our generation will give future generations the greatest gift of all — HEALTH!

Our shows play in front of more than 2000 children per day, and this number is constantly increasing. Our printed material passed out goes into the hands of 10 times that amount, or more than twenty thousand people a day. Therefore the opportunities for sponsorship both at a national and local level are fantastic. Your support in the lives of children will make a difference for years to come, and this is a rare opportunity to be a kids ambassador.

I am John Paul Ouvrier, and I will forward your request to our tour director for the The Wizard of Youth.  Please send me an email today to learn more about being a Kids Health Ambassador!