Welcome to the Wizard of Youth, the world’s first exercise program and game that teaches children the basics of exercise so that they can succeed physically for the rest of their lives!

This program contains all the basics, in a weekly series, that we all wished we had of learned as children.  In much the same way as a dentist taught us the basics of brushing our teeth, so that we WILL brush our teeth, the Wizard of Youth does the same thing.

The Wizard of Youth TV Show is a passive health education program which means students learn through education, not exercise, and ALL children of ALL skill levels and abilities are able to participate during the show including those with special needs.  No child is ever excluded.

Based on the Books that Kids Love.
Which inspired the Board Game.
Which inspired the Live Show.
Which inspired the TV Show!

The Wizard of Youth Cast!

Wizard Of Youth™
The Worlds Most Loved Fitness Wizard! (John Paul Ouvrier)
Older than anyone knows, younger and stronger than he looks, and
able to keep kids fit in a single song, there is no one more
qualified in the Kingdom of Health to keep kids healthy. Using his
wisdom and common sense, with a bit of optimism and magic, this
Wizard makes health happen!

Rock Rock
The worlds happiest dog! (Rock Rock plays himself)
The best of the magic dogs, and ever the keeper of making fitness
mistakes that the kids and Wizard are always trying to fix, Rock Rock
is the dog we all know and love…                                                               Other than the fact that he is hopelessly in love with a Crazy Cat and that he never wants to go outside to go to the bathroom….                We can excuse him for being the star that he is… Applause please!!!

The prettiest crazy cat in the universe! (Deeble’s real name?)
Neurotic, self centered, and slightly sociopathic, Deeble’s is the Wizards cat that Rock Rock is madly in love with. She knows how to exercise and how to eat but prefers to sleep all day and play mean jokes on Rock Rock. However, she may really have feelings for him, and to find out, you will have to watch future episodes..

Dark Fitness
The Most Evil Exercise Man in the Universe (and Secretive…)
His motto? “Keep people in the dark and when they fail, they will
buy buy buy!!!” As he laughs to the royal bank… Dark Fitness hates
his brother, The Wizard Of Youth, and so with his evil army, the
“No Results” he actively seeks to make good people feel bad and guilty about their body… He wants no exercise- ever!